Move into a new age

iPlastika. This is our new identity which adds our philosophy and corporate culture, stating more and more our differentiating features with national and international notoriety.

The business environment has been subject to major changes in recent times, with an increase of ambiguities, risks and uncertainties, which had profound consequences in the way we manage companies.

These changes result in a structured and planned process, with which we intend to strengthen our strategic positioning, integrating our philosophy of customer support.


iPlastika is a global supplier of plastic components, for the automobile industry which operates in Barcelos, in the northern region of Portugal.


Foundation of the company


Beginning of the injection activity


Significant growth of costumer portfolio


iPlastika’s turnover evolves 218%


Organizational and management restructuring


Investment in added value products and services regarding components aesthetic, functionality and safety


iPlastika launches its Modern Logistic Centre and its R&D Department


iPlastika creates two new business units: Automotive Lighting & Mold Construction


To achieve, among our competitors, a prominent position, with the introduction of high value-added products, allowing to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.


People – Dedication to our employees.Trust – Continuous focus in our costumers. Efficiency – Creation of competitive and differentiating products. Social Responsibility – Support the local society where iPlastika is inserted.Environmental Sustainability – Concern about the impact of our product into the Environment.


iPlastika is dedicated to the production of plastic injected components, and its main goal is to achieve a strong competitive position, with the production of high value-added products. We become a benchmark company, focusing in customer orientation, process improvement, continuous waste elimination and low rejection rates, focusing our energies and efforts exclusively on activities that add value to the product and to the service provided. iPlastika aims to increase the level of customer satisfaction, as well as the employee’s satisfaction and development of the personal skills. iPlastika aims to strength the market position leadership by providing the best products, service performance and quality at competitive prices, respecting the environment, and health and safety workplace.