Think. Design. Engineer.

We work in a goal-oriented way. Over the last ten years we have built our international reputation by delivering on time with an exceptional sense of quality and cost efficiency. The experience acquired allowed us to embrace any challenge.

The use of knowledge-oriented to design and development, to solve problems, to develop products, to improve processes, obtaining benefits and communicating them to our clients, differentiate us from the competition, making our skills an essential value, a hallmark of successful companies.

  • Engineering and high performance
  • Thermoplastics
  • TPE - Thermoplastics Elastomers
  • LSR - Liquid Silicone Rubber

The stage is set for the future

The Engineering & Design Centre is a new expression of iPlastika spirit in developing, designing and engineering the best solutions for its clients. To be better prepared to operate in more complex and fast environments, iPlastika invested on the creation of a Centre for Engineering and Product Design, thus reinforcing its critical dimension of sustaining competitive advantage through the development of new value-adding strategies.

In order to settle the engineering and product design as an important factor of competitiveness and economic development, creating wealth and added value, the Centre presents itself as an instrument to promote iPlastika innovation, creativity and competitiveness.